by smooch

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released August 1, 2013

Recorded at The Audio Barn @ Fort Salonga by Ian Bryn
Mastered by Phil "A3" Douglas
Artwork by Danny Smith
Dead Broke Rekerds



all rights reserved


smooch Lindenhurst, New York

Frank - guitar/vox

Matty - bass/vox

Joe - drums/grill

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Track Name: Breezy
how many times have you said to me, “don’t you look back and don’t ever change?” you took your time and said your prayers. red eyes wide, but no one’s there to tuck you in. i’ll remember you just the way you were. “come on cinnamon girl”, just the way you were.
Track Name: Blue Car Girl
she drives down a narrow street. no more room, but the two front seats. she saw me walking by. exchanged a friendly eye. just out of reach. when you put those hours in to your job it’s a fucking sin. girl, you got it right. smoke a joint with me tonight. my blue car girl. i’ve never met you, but i know i won’t forget you. feels so right. take a ride with me tonight. my blue car girl. it’s such a shame to see that your car broke down on the street, but it’s your lucky night, cause i’ve got my bike. my blue car girl. you ran your motor all the way to South Dakota, tried to make it home swimming in the back seat. my blue car girl.
Track Name: Catatonic Parking Lot
throw the guitar in the car. could you drive any faster? pink horizon, broken sun. bleeding gums and adderall. Please don’t go away, drenched out in the rain. catatonic parking lot. matt, you know we’ve all been there. Please don’t go away. drenched out in the rain. sons playing in the sun. let’s melt the years away.
Track Name: Holes in My Dome
i wrote a letter to my friends that said i was never coming back again. the only thing that was specified, i just lost all hope and i lost all pride. the past ten years have been such a strain on my brain. driving me insane. i just want to get to sleep, a simple thought to keep before it drifts away from here and my heads still ringing. burning. thinking over and over again about my time running out and how it might end. i know it’s negative, but don’t be so sure that the positive things are all you have in store. these cigarettes are burning holes in my dome. just leave me alone
Track Name: Sink
sink into the sea. it’s been a long time coming and I’m sick of winter. my bones they ache for heat. floating through the tides, it’s a long way to the other side now and such a long way down. beat red, scorched, and blistered. and i don’t believe in anything. so i sink beneath. precious little time. it’s a long way to be drifting with the tides now. such a long way down. sink in
Track Name: 5th & Kent
you’re slipping through the radio. times ticking, we can take it slow. drive until we swerve off the road and take it slow. just past the shore line i’m sinking into something real, something i can feel. and just so you know, I would skate all the way to your house in the rain. we’re slipping through the radio.
Track Name: The Shining
there’s a place beyond the sleep and wake. early flowers, they’re sleeping in their beds. take the letters away on a sunny day. staring through smoke stained windows again. if you leave here, leave the light on, so you can shine on every day. shine on. I played it fair, you jumped into my prayer. you can’t stay on the long road home for long. get back to the edge.
Track Name: Iron Horse
while I’m waiting to hop the train away i get to thinking, “oh, i don’t care which way.” and in the seat i’m sitting, missed the stop I was headed. i took a pill to forget it and sailing through a concrete sea i found my way. pink and purple skies as the sun fades into night. tv burns the black outside. another night, just another lonely island twilight. carry on, carry on till the feeling’s gone. it’s never gone. the sadness will last forever so we just push on. you’re just searching for the right track, when your feet slip and you fall back. yeah, i’m searching for a better way. and I’m trying, but how much more can I take?